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LIFTED PRODUCTIONS originates in the film and music entertainment business, entered into audio electronics by developing a range of quality headphones in close collaboration with MTV. This range of headphones was launched internationally at the MTV European Music Awards in Rotterdam, Holland in 2016. The company has since diversified into gaming headphones.

LP recognized very early on that the gaming market was already flooded with very ordinary and similar looking gaming headphones. These headphones not only lacked the quality in design, but also failed to bring the excitement and sexiness of a brand new product. LP wanted to build a headphone product specifically for the gaming consumer that wanted a lot more attention to their own lifestyles. A product that consumers can flaunt, gaming in the comfort of their own homes, but out in the rest of the universe as well. 

Our product designer is Professor Sebastian Stroschein, one of Germany’s leading and award-winning industrial designers with many years of experience blueprinting consumer electronic products for leading brands such as ‘Sennheiser’, accumulating several European design awards to his resumé. Lifted Productions has now  commissioned Professor Stroschein to compose a design masterpiece in gaming headphones, this product is called the Modulé and is being launched later this year.

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