The next generation of social audio experience 

is here!

Wireless with built-in speakers

and microphone

Much more than a basketball cap!

The Audio Hat

Introducing the next generation of social audio experience, combining audio hardware wireless technology with sports,
fashion, music, gaming, and streaming software. Its a baseball style cap, users can make telephone calls, listen to any audio or
music that they would otherwise listen to from their Bluetooth device. An entirely new experience in personal interaction with

sound and media, whilst maintaining awareness of the environment around you.


Product Features

Can be used with any BT enabled device
Phone calls, music, gaming
Awareness of surrounding environment whilst playing
Wearable technology in tune with your world
Ideal promotional product for music, DJs, sport etc.

Technical Details

Bluetooth V4.1 with a reception range up to 10 metres
Talk Time is 5-8 hours from internal battery.
18 hours standby
2 custom 42mm speakers mounted in visor
Single channel microphone

The next generation of social
audio experience is here now!

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